I’m just a gent who likes a drink.

I’m by no means a pro, though I have worked in bars, and I don’t endorse or represent any spirit brands. As such, and because I want to get everyone trying out these drinks I’ve tried to adopt the following house rules:

  1. I have tried to make the recipes as simple to follow as possible. I don’t use ounces, I don’t use millilitres, I refer to measures.
  2. If I say a large measure I mean double your chosen unit. Other sizes should be given in halves and quarters of your base measure. That way you can use fluid ounces, millilitres, cups, grams, shot glasses or whatever you have to hand, to measure your drinks, but do remember to drink responsibly!
  3. Personally, I use a standard measure equivalent to 30ml (or approx 1 fluid ounce) as a classic cocktail is usually around 100ml.
  4. A sploosh, by the way, is a local Scottish term for a dash. No one really knows what a dash is, although the Savoy Cocktail Book suggests it is equal to 3ml or half a barspoon. Perhaps you should start there, but feel free to experiment and see where your splooshing takes you.
  5. I try not to name recommended brands for each drink. I have a modest home bar, I don’t yet have all the ingredients I want, and I certainly don’t have every available brand of vodka, gin, whiskey etc. I also don’t think my palate is mature enough (snobbish enough?) to decree that you simply must use x-brand vodka in your drink. As part of my attempts to make these recipes as flexible as possible, use whatever you have on your shelf.
  6. I’m open to suggestions and recommendations, so please get in touch.

houseofbourbons [at] Gmail [dot] com


All material on this site is © 2012-2014 House of Bourbon unless otherwise attributed. Please contact me if you wish to use any of my photos or posts (or if you would like me to stop using your material).

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