Hello and welcome to the House of Bourbon.

I started blogging (about politics) back in the Spring of 2010 when election fever gripped the UK and it seemed like the bedroom-bloggers were taking over. #iagreewithnick trended like mad and the “Social Media Election” held me in its thrall.

After a couple of posts I branched out to blog about rugby (once), music (once) and football (twice) as Crystal Palace lapsed into administration for the second time in ten years, a dark tunnel that eventually terminated with the joy of beating Brighton at the Amex.

My legal blog has survived a little longer (10 posts and counting), but in truth, I don’t think any of my endeavours have fulfilled their true potential. I think this is because in all these realms (politics, football, music and law) there are more passionate people out there making their points in a more engaging and entrancing way than I have so far managed.

What I haven’t found yet is a quality UK cocktail blog (although I know they must exist). As cocktails are my new passion I want to write (from a beginner’s level) about the journey of discovery through the delightful concoctions that can be made from a slug of this, a dash of that and a shake or a stir.

All my favourite drinks are whiskey-based and I tend to use bourbon (hence the name of the blog) but I’m not afraid to try new things and I fully intend to set out my findings here.

So come join me on a journey through the trials and tribulations of a wannabe dipsologist.


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